Which webhosting choose in Czech republic

Czech republic has many webhosting companies, but only few are good. 80% of our customers needs:

  • PHP in new version
  • MySQL
  • one or more e-mails with their own domain
  • web admin configuration
  • live chat
  • price

Czech webhosting comparison

- worst experience 
- bad support 
- bad administration
- bad price

Český hosting
- bad price
- old PHP 5.6

- bad price
+ good support
+ new versions of PHP and MySQL
+ free SSL/TLS certificate

- bad price
+ good support
+ new versions of PHP and MySQL

+ amazing price
+ good support 24/7
+ new versions PHP and MySQL
+ excelent administration


I recommend WEDOS NoLimit for all of our customers in Czech republic.

Knowledge base WEDOS
How to setup Thuderbird

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