• Author: Štěpán Pernica
    • 18.2.2015
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Instructions for Quick notes in Windows

Windows notes are a useful helper. I bring a list of shortcuts that help you create lists, bold text, etc.

CTRL + SHIFT + L (1x) dot list (●, ●, ●)
CTRL + SHIFT + L (2x) number list (1, 2, 3)
CTRL + SHIFT + L (3x) char list - lower case (a, b, c)
CTRL + SHIFT + L (4x) char list - upper case (A, B, C)
CTRL + SHIFT + L (5x) List of Roman numerals - lower case (i, ii, iii)
CTRL + SHIFT + L (6x) List of Roman numerals - upper case (I, II, III)
CTRL + L Left align
CTRL + E Center align
CTRL + R Right align
CTRL + B Bold text
CTRL + I Italic text
CTRL + U Underline text
CTRL + T Strikethrough text
CTRL + SHIFT + > Increase font size
CTRL + SHIFT + < Decrease font size

Not everyone is happy with the default italic font. There are two options to change font:
  • copy the font of the text editor (eg. Word), and paste in the note (disadvantage of this solution is that if you open a new note, you have to change the font via a text editor)
  • change the default font for notes in Windows registry

How to change default font in Windows notes via Windows registry

Download the file for editing the registry. Unzip the zip file and run the .reg file. Overrides the "Segoe Print (TrueType)" to "consola.ttf". Restart the computer and notes will run with new font.

náhled poznámek s fontem consola